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    Hello, ipod touch owners...
    I'll have to say that I've been reading a lot of your posts waiting ansius 4 my itouch, and i have to say... It's finally here after all the waiting

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    I bought it in USA, and a friend brougth it to Venezuela... It's a week 39 and it works perfect. I have it for about a week
    My only concerne is thae integration with itunes. I don't know why, when i try to modify the title of a song or add the album name or cover, it takes a lot of time comparing it to my old ipod video. It is normal 4 the ipod to take like 10sec to modify something?? I have the newest version of itunes...
    Here is 1 question:
    I have videora ipod touch converter and it's great for some files, but when i try to convert .ts video formats for example it shows me a display error (guess because it's to heavy to handle).
    What converter should i use for my hdtv high quality videos? I want an only made for ipod touch converter.

    Thanks guys...

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