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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by jillj333, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Oct 23, 2007
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    Hi everyone, I am new here, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    I absolutely LOVE my new ipod touch. I just used iJailBreak this morning to hack it and it is FABULOUS. I would have preferred to have an iphone but I
    really don't have the monthly fee for phone service (though I know they can also be hacked).

    I'm a Mac user, I switched over to Mac just about three years ago. I can't wait for Leopard to come out, but since I have bought my Ipod Touch I will have to wait another month or so to get Leopard. I'm a really big linux fan also, but just really don't have the time to spend on playing with my computer. I used to be a Unix system administrator, I so loved that job.

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    I have been shunning my duties all day while hacking my iPod touch and playing with all the new fun features.

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    So I imagine I had better go...have only got a few hours left to get in a full day of work!!!

    Enjoy your Ipods everyone. Will keep checking the forums.
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    Oct 4, 2007
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    Hey Jill,

    Welcome to the forums - great to read your jailbreak success!

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