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    Picked up my iPod touch 8GB last week and I have really enjoyed it.

    I have owned a Zune, an Archos 404, iPod Video 30GB, and a creative Zen. WHEWWWW!!

    All of them had good points and bad Except for the Zune it was ALL BAD

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    I have to say the iPoT outshines all of them although I have seen a couple of issue that can be fixed with a firmware update.

    1. weird black screen issue; Not too bad on mine but noticible.
    2. getting cought in a loop searching for WiFi or just dropping it all the time.... although it never happens @ my house ....... maybe it's just crappy hot spots.

    I see HUGE potential for this device

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    anyone say Skype ????
    or flash based docking Hard drive for extra storage!!!!!

    They have the Bluetooth working already!!

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