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    Hello, our Apple Stores have been sold out for the past 2 weeks on iPod Touches. Im really considering getting one soon. I went yesterday and they had week 37's on display and in stock, so I have to wait a bit. I have a 30gb iPod 5th Generation and a 2gb iPod Nano First Generation. I've been on this forum for awhile now and I figured that I should start posting. My overall feelings on the iPod Touch are this( I've been to the Apple Store twice for more than an hour just demoing the iPoT):
    -Great screen size and good graphics
    -Good Functionality (IE: internet browser, youtube, calender... etc)
    -Great Media Functionality (IE: good sound quality, maybe good picture quality on week 38's)
    -Great Size (8mm thin.)
    -Scratch resistant screen...

    When this gets Jailbroken, and apps are able to be installed, this iPod will be truly worth the $400 (yes im getting the 16gb model). If they made it double the thickness, it could have been 80gb... but its cool. I only have 10gb of music so 16gb (or 14.8gb) is all I need. I dont have ATT or T-Moble so I do not have an iPhone but I plan on getting one as soon as I'm able to afford it.

    Good work hackers, hope you get this Jailbroken soon!


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