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    Okay. So i've never ever EVER EVER EVER EVER...like ever had an ipod. Most of my mp3 players were from archos (i still have my 402 archos pocket dish). But i'm a gadget head. I love new stuff and my mp3/tank music player just looked f'd up from all the abuse and the battery wasn't holding a charge like it used to. I take public transportation Mon - Fri in the Wash DC metro and just about every other person had a ipod of some sort (guys had the fully ipod while girls had the nanos or fatties/shuffles.....like a steve jobs homecoming prom or something). So this friday I was at a radioshack and I said....screw it. I'm getting one. I asked for the touch (i wanted the 16 gig but all they had was an 8). The messed up part was I had every intention of giving it back after 30 days because I figured the next mp3 player I was gonna get was another archos (i tried creative zen W but that thing to for-FRIGGIN-ever to transfer stuff and it was jowbugusly huge). But now I'm hooked. The thing is sweet and I absolutely love it's wifi internet (especially on my fios connection....yes I'm a self-spoiled brat but i work hard so i deserve to spoil myself every couple of hours).

    The one thing i really really noticed was the sound. Everyone from friends to magazine rags always use to say there is a great difference in quality of sound between ipods and , well, everything else. I thought it was all a bunch of hooey till i put on the earbuds. All the music i transferred from my archos to the touch (well most...20 gig to 8 gig

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    ) sounded MUCH better on the touch. I started hearing beats and voices I could barely hear on the archos and the bass was finally deep but not overpowering or distorted (like fake bass pumping on the archos). Now the only reason i would return this ipod is the get the 16 gig but the price difference is about double so i may wait. Regardless I'm now a mac fan and i think my next purchase maybe *gasp* a macbook. God help me

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