hello folks , can u guys help me?

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    hey folks , been looking around on the site for a while now just have never registered till now , anyway i really need help

    got an ipod touch 2g about 2 months ago and updated it to 3.0 and jailbroke it .

    but then something weird happened and i couldnt turn it on, so over the last 2 weeks the only way i can turn it on is if i hold down the power and home button for a certain length of time which is really annoying , and itunes always says its in recovery mode,

    anyway today i updated to 3.1.1 and do without a jailbreak for a while jsut to see if it could fix the problem , but nope. still doing the same thing. tried restoring again as itunes said , still not working. it restores , ipod restarts , but then my win7 says usb not recognised and has malfunctioned or something.

    then i have to do that powerbutton+home button to turn on crap again, oh and now when i do that without it connected to the pc it comes up with that connect to itunes thing

    so please can any one help me?

    sorry for the long story
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    anyone ?

    it would be highly appreciated

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