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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by rukah, Sep 10, 2008.

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    dear ipod touch fans community,
    hi my name is john, i just read all the FAQ's on the site about this new generation touch. currently im saving up for the touch, and i have just about enough that i can get one right now. however, with the new generation coming out i wanted to go to the place where the most information is available (obviously here) I just had a few questions that I would absolutely love to be answered.

    1) The internet on the Ipod Touch, is it good? Is the second generation going to have faster speed?

    2) Applications and such are a big thing to me, jail breaking my old video ipod i loved adding things like games backgrounds etc. What are the most popular games, accessories, applications to have on the touch? Will the next generation be able to have more (ie graphics compatibility?)

    3) Can anyone give me a brief description of their own about this Nike application, is thier actually a cost?

    4) Other then pricing and thickness, is there really a big difference in getting the next generation to the old?

    5) What is the largest size/cost estimation (size to cost chart) for the next generation/old generation Ipod touches?

    6) Does the internet support Java?

    7) A friend of mine said that text messaging was able on the Ipod touch, is this true?

    Please add any other info that you may think would be helpful to my searching etc.

    Thanks in advanced guys!

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    it has better wifi technology, i am not sure if that makes it any faster, its just deals with it better

    It has internal speakers and hardware volume buttons, also is capable of using a external microphone

    i dont believe so neither flash

    i think it is possible if you have wifi and you live in america (or supported countries) correct me if i am wrong but i think you can text off AIM and MobileChat, not sure about where you have to live though

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