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    3G iPod touch
    This is my introduction...

    My name is carlfilip92 and I am new to this site!
    I live in Sweden in Europe. I speak/read/write Swedish, English and German.

    I got an iPod Touch 32GB 3rd Gen for my 18th birthday 1st Januari 2010. I got it December 28th 2009 because we were going to Germany over newyear. I played with it the whole time and I love my iPod!!! I had a Wi-Fi connection at the hotel so it was very good

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    I know stuff about iPods and computers PC and Mac since I study IT in highschool so I am not a total n00b.
    I have a little more than basic knowlledge of hardware, software and website programming: HTML, PHP and MySQL. I have made a website designed especially for the iTouch or iPhone for example. It has a secure section with a MySQL database.

    Thats enough from me atm.

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