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    Dec 6, 2008
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    Hey, i just found this site while browsing the net, and thought i would post up an introduction.

    It all started for me along time ago, when i used to have my minidisc player, now minidisc was great for sound quality, but it used to annoy me that i had to either carry around minidisc's with me, or be limited to whatever was on the disc currently playing while i was out. so i decided to get an ipod, it was a 4th Gen 40Gb, in the old box style, which was good fun unboxing, any of you guys remember them old boxes? that took years of abuse, and then i went on to a ipod classic, but i always wanted a touch since they came out, i got to play with a first gen when they were first out and i liked it, but i held off purchasing one.

    In the next couple of days im going to go buy a 32gb 2nd gen touch

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