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    3G iPod touch
    since I'm new to ipod I also have some problems.
    First of all, my iPod touch is a 3g with 32GB.
    But,it is EXTREMELY slow, either in opening things already loaded in it or while going on the internet.
    For instance, i have sent an attachment of 193 KB (a pdf file) but when I open the mail and click on the attacment it says 0 bytes of 193 KB and stays like this forever.
    I also have a ot of trouble in loading pdf and word documents on it and reading them. I downloaded a few free applications that are supposed to do this but either they don't work or they are too complicated. Is there a simple way to have documents on this stuff and read them? I tried to send the documents as attacements to e-mails but there is no way i can get them.

    Thank you

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