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    Nov 3, 2009
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    iPhone 3G (Black)
    My name is peter and I repair cracked iphones.

    I'm trying to construct the midframe for a 3G iphone from scratch. I'm just missing one part.... there's a small round metal disc that's some sort of contact which sits on the plastic tray just below the home button. No one I've contacted seems to know what this piece is called and where to purchase it. It's about the size of this "O".

    I'm wondering if it's even necessary. I'm about to construct and test one of these in a working iphone, but the thing is, if the home button works without it, I would still like to include it in the assembly, if possible, especially since I will be reselling the part with the new screen adhered.

    Please give me any direction possible.
    Thanks for your help and I look forward to hanging out here often.
    Thanks for all your great work.


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