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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bageleaterkkjji, Oct 1, 2010.

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    So i found this out in like 2003 with my sony discman and wondering if anyone else has noticed it before......

    I used to unplug and plug in my headphones in my discman and noticed once that it splits up the music if you have your headphones hanging in a certain spot(it was very hard to find the spot on the discman( i was listening to the marshall mathers lp and thats basically what i put back on right now with my ipod touch 3rd gen and it's way easier finding the spot than with a discman....

    Just unplug your headphones, plug it in until it stops(not clicks in place) then put a little pressure on it until it stops(which it will only move a super small amount)but not so far that it snaps into place....

    I have only listened to a few songs right now(jewel song released '03, and busta rhymes song from '06) and i only noticed all of the music sounds like it's in the background and not like its split.....good songs to find out what i'm talking about are "kill you" and "binch please II" from marshall mathers lp....or any song on that cd

    I have my cd's on my ipod on apple lossless and i heard it first on a discman so straight off the cd so i'm not sure if you will hear it if they're compressed but i don't see why not...
    Let me know if you know what i'm talking about

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    Yeah, I have notice that too. It happens with all headphones jacks and it seems with every song except a few.

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