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    5G iPod touch
    I was wondering, considering that the new iPod touch has an HD camcorder on the back I thought it was also a 5MP camera. WRONG. It takes 960x720 still images (the size of a 720p video frame cropped,) so it probably doesn't have features like macro.

    I am wondering if the video quality is at least on par with the iPhone 4. If it isn't, it's just a gimmick.

    Everyone is glad that the ipod touch now has a camera, but none have yet to realize that it's just made for video...

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    Well, I guess it's not bad... You really don't need to get 5MP images ON AN IPOD, and I guess having this instead of nothing is good enough for many...

    I was just hoping for a replacement for my iPhone 3G, considering I got the iPhone 3G, used, JUST to get an iPod with a camera... Hmmm... I am a little disappointed, but it's cool I guess.

    I may get it as a replacement to my iPhone... At least it offers things like a retina display, a4 processor, facetime chats, etc... The speaker is still probably crappy though, and image size doesn't really matter when all you do is post them on facebook...
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    Precisely, I'm not buying the iPod to take professional photographs... and the speaker is no longer internal! So it may sound better

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    The only thing I am going to use the camera for is taking pictures of receipts and documents with a macro lense, so I can just throw them away. It's time to go paperless.

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