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    I need one for my holiday thats coming up.

    I've had my eye on the JVC Everio G Camcorder GZ-MG730, which is around $1000 AUD.

    But I just found this one, the Kogan Full HD 1080p Video Camcorder (http://www.cnet.com.au/kogan-full-hd-1080p-video-camcorder-camera-339293191.htm).

    The Kogan seems to be a LOT cheaper than the JVC, and I showed my dad, but he said it's obviously not going to be as good as the JVC if it's that much cheaper.

    Can someone with experience with HD Camcorders please let me know which is best and why?

    If you think they're both crap, can you please give me a link to a decent one that isn't over about $1,500, but is 1080p HD?

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    Thanks a load if you can help me

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