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    After seeing that the 3gS could run HD I wanted to know what made it so special. SURE it has a faster clock speed and a new processor.. So what?! After some, LENGTHY process I have been able to play HD on my 1g iPod Touch.

    H.264 will NOT work! I have tried and TRIED to get it, but it will not work. There's one other codec that the iPod/iPhone can accept. MPEG4. It may not have the compression/file size ration some of you like but if you enjoy your HD you will enjoy this tutorial.

    I have tested video up to 9000 kb/s and audio up to 192 kb/s. I didn't test anything other than that. I will supply a 10 second preview video that you can test, which is the video i used.

    I used Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate to achieve this hack. I used it because it was the only converter I could find that would let me set the video aspects and display them properly. Instead of explaining all my details I will show you in pictures.

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    NOTE! The picture above is a little off. Video resolution must be set to 860*720!

    PRECAUTION #1 ! The video resolutions won't play by simply setting them to 1280*720! i"ve learned once you set them up that high they start to go haywire. I've been able to keep it at 720 HD but the width isn't "proper" You will see in my settings I've had to set the video to 860*720! When taking it higher the video will skip and miss frames! I also had to set the Aspect Ration to 4:3 in order for it to be displayed correctly. You CAN set it to 16:9 but the image looked too stretched to me when being played back. When you play the video at that standard size in the video app it will NOT play correctly. You need to double tap the screen to expand it, for what ever reason, than it will play right.

    PRECAUTION #2 ! I have NOT tested this with ANY composite videos out. I do NOT know what it looks like displayed on your HD TV. If someone would like to test this and report back please feel free to.

    Video: http://www.[PIRACY.mu].com/?d=AUHXUAE0

    IF you follow the steps above you'll soon be enjoying HD video on your iPod/iPhone.

    Please report any issues. I'll try to sort them out.

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