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    This is my first post here, and if this is an issue that's already been dealt with, then please forgive me, as I'm clearly new.

    Basically, the app for the game "Space Ace" is pretty big - it's 251.6 MB, and so therefor it takes a long time for it to download/update, and this always gives me a problem.

    The current problem now is that it just wouldn't update, and I'm not even sure why - I had a good WiFi signal and all, but it kept only going halfway up until it would just stop and repeat the installation. Finally, the iPod just told me to download it and sync the update into the device through iTunes, which I had never done before. And I updated to the latest version of iTunes today (6/17/2010).

    Needless to say, this is where I ran into some trouble (amateur trouble I'm sure).

    First, whenever I powered up the App Store on my iPod, it would always automatically ask for my password, no matter if I downloaded anything or not - it would just ask for it (similar to this person's problem: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100307005752AAsxwpK, except that I'm in the US and he's in the UK). I eventually realized that, for whatever reason, my iPod was stuck on a loop that it had to update these apps that I had deleted a long time, yet it didn't realize that and kept asking for my password to update nothing. I later on learned that these apps were still in iTunes, though I had deleted them. One of the apps was "Space Ace", which I had not deleted at all. So, I decided to update and install the apps. None of them got installed or updated though because I had already deleted them. Needless to say, my iPod no longer asks for my password as soon as I access the App Store from it.

    But since "Space Ace" is so big, it still kept taking forever to update (if it was even updating at all), so I just deleted it and bought it again from iTunes to sync it back into my computer and save myself the hassle of trying to update it. And this is where my trouble really kicked in, becuase in my stupidity, I hit "Apps" under my iPod as a device in iTunes, and I checked "Sync Apps". Pretty much, my iPod then suddenly started to back itself up, and I kept getting windows saying that my apps will now be deleted, and I always had to cancel whatever sync iTunes was doing to make sure it didn't delete my apps. I'm not sure what I've done, but I read online and misread the article I was reading, and did File|Transfer Purchases from "[My] iPod", and now a lot of apps are getting loaded up back into the window where the old apps I downloaded and deleted went, which was the basis as to why I also got the error of the App Store always asking for my password for the longest time.

    I finally just gave up and disconnected the iPod from iTunes, where "Space Ace" still sits in limbo, having yet to actually install and/or update itself. And I've had trouble before with this app updating, and I don't remember how I fixed that problem, but I did somehow.

    So what have I basically done, can it be un-done, how can I just put in that stupid app "Space Ace" into my iPod without having any trouble or errors with it installing/updating itself, and how can I re-arrange the order of my apps in iTunes (which I didn't know you could do) without having the program tell me that it has to delete them or something because they're not on file in iTunes or that by simply making two apps swap positions, in order for my iPod to save the new positions of the apps and the pages that they're now on, iTunes has to ask me if I'm sure I want to delete whatever apps I've selected (which I never selected any to begin with)? At first I thought the program meant all the apps I loaded in from when I did the whole File|Transfer Purchases from "[My] iPod" by accident, but when I un-check those apps when I'm in the "Apps" section under "Devices", they start to get deleted from the screens I see that represent the pages where my apps are, and I have to check them back. So why is iTunes asking me if I'm sure I want to delete the apps I've (never) selected, yet when I de-select them, they seemingly get deleted anyways and the only way to confirm their deletion is for me to hit "Sync", which I never do?

    Much help is appreciated and asked for, and I apologize to those of who will read this, as I'm sure my problem is a common and simple one that people ask for help on all the time.
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    Here is a screencap of one of the "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" windows that iTunes keeps popping up on me:

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    And here's the other picture:


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