Having Trouble Getting Into DFU

Discussion in 'iPod touch 2G Jailbreak: redsn0w, 24kpwn, etc.' started by ALBIM, Feb 10, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    Yes, I realize a lot of people are having problems with the jailbreak.

    I'm already jailbroken. 2 days ago, however, categories.app decided to crash my ipod and turn it off. Obviously, I knew the solution to the problem-rebooting.

    My laptop's ports were on the fritz, so I had to wait for a different computer.
    The ipod was jailbroken on vista, but then resynced to a mac (PPC tiger)

    Now, I'm trying to reboot using dim's TouchPwn. However, it won't go into DFU.

    I've tried 10 and 10, 7 and 10, 5, 10, then 30, and every variation possible.

    No DFU for me.

    Help? Any and all is appreciated.

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