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    Today I have been trying to jailbreak from Nate's to official JB and I went into many trouble like many people on this forum. Seeing the redudency of the questions, I'll recap what I've learned so far :

    For me each time I upgrade with 7.6, using jailbreak.jar kills the iPod, I must use Pacifist to downgrade to 7.5 and then I can do 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2

    If you can't restore, you must put the device in an special mode (sorry I can't remmeber the name)
    After many unsucessfull attempts I have finally managed to do it :

    Downgrading from firmware 1.1.3 :
    - Turn your iPod off
    - Start iTunes
    - Plug the usb cable in
    - As soon as the Apple logo appears press and hold Power and Home buttons, at this point, start counting seconds in your head
    - Whatever happens on the screen, you must keep the 2 buttons pushed (at 3-4 secs you will see the iTunes logo + Usb cord, and at 6 seconds, the screen will shut off)
    - iTunes should tell you the iPod is in recovery mode, try to press "Ok" without releasing the buttons on the iPod (smashing the enter key with your arm is the way to go

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    - After 10 seconds of button holding, you can stop counting in your head and release the Power button, NOT THE HOME BUTTON !
    - You can stop counting and continue to hold the Home button until iTunes detects your iPod again. iPod's screen should still be black.

    - Restore to 1.1.2, you can't skip 2 versions

    This is for 1.1.3 -> 1.1.2 , but apparently you can restore from anything with that method (restore to the actual firmware version, or the version just before (like 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 if you were 1.1.2, but you can't do 1.1.1 from 1.1.3))

    Jailbreaking :
    I just did that method and it works ...
    (I never held the Home button for the whole process)

    - GET ITUNES 7.5 ! (oldversion.com) - It's so much simpler than using something to reboot from recovery, since some users reported that they went back to 1.1.1 after that ...

    Windows users : Do a full reinstall
    Mac users : Use Pacifist and install all (remplace when asked)

    - Use my method to restore to 1.1.2
    - Then restore to 1.1.1 (you can do that normally)
    - Set Auto-Lock to "Never"
    - Go to jailbreakme.com
    - Reboot the iPod
    - OktoPrep it (DON'T REBOOT)
    - Upgrade to 1.1.2 (remember, sh*tft (or alt) click Update button, not Restore button !)
    - Launch windows.bat/jailbreak.jar
    - Click the magic button (the one that jailbreaks the iPod on the right)
    - Once it's done, update Installer.app to the lastest version (I had issues if I hadn't upgraded before 1.1.3) and get BSD Subsystem
    - Follow that (http://www.modiphone.net/guide-official-113-jailbreak-released-on-installerapp/) PS : I do not prefer any method, it's just that this one worked well for me , and I still have my alarms, so ...

    - If you are an Mac user, get iJailbreak and tell it to put the iPhones App on the touch. If you are a windows user, search this forum for a repo with a fix for enabling the apps.
    - Enjoy !

    Some steps dosen't seem to be necessary, but using that way I managed to get fully working JB so I'm posting it.

    For iJailbreak : It seems that the "iPhone Apps" button is screwed and asks for a path that doesn't exist so :
    - Don't put iJailbreak in an path that contains spaces (/Applications is good on your Mac)
    - I needed to copy libreadline to the root of iJailbreak.app and add "Resources" in front of it, it seems that somebody forgot a / in his code ... (Programs should be tested before being released ... >_>, weird that a full jailbreak with it works well ...)
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    how exactly do you use Pacifist to get 7.5 to work?

    I DLed the program and I have the itune 7.5 DMG...what do i do now?
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    Mount the DMG, open the .mpkg file with pacifist, select the first item in the list (the mpkg) and click install

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