having major 3.0 issues! please help!

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    so lsat night i caught up to the rest of the world and i jailbroke 3.0 w/ redsn0w. i like redsn0w. very easy. anyway, tried getting sbsettings and winterboard off cydia, and cydia had all these updates, so i thought why not. so i download the updates, but the updates dont install. it has something to do with some bin directory and "error (2)". same thing happens wth icy.

    next problem. my wifi is spazzing. when ever i use safari, i am able to use about 30-45 seconds of internet, then it loses the internet connection. because i cant get cydia to work, i cant get sbsettings, so i can enable the keep awake. these are the problems i am having, much help appreciated.

    i am making a custom 3.0 ipsw w/ pwnagetool right now, so i dont get answers, then i will restore to it. thanks.
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    the pwnagetool firmware made the difference. everything works now

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