Having A Problem Downloading iPhysics! Need Help

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Hi, i currently have a jail broken ipod touch on firmweare 1.1.5 and ive seen and heard ALOT about iPhysics and i think its awsome but for some reason i cannot install it. When i try to download it, it says Error Main Script Execution Failed! So can anyone please help me to get this iPhysics up and running on my ipod touch?? Thank You

    Additional Info:

    - I am running a compatibility patch for my 1.1.5 so that to the installer it seems like a 1.1.4 so i can download 1.1.4 apps and stuff from the installer.

    - So far ive tryed downloading straight from all packages and after that i added a source that got me a iPhysics folder under my install tab wich has iPhysics in it along with a bunch of levels for it.

    - The apps and others under my uninstall tab right now are:
    2.On the origin of species (ebook for my book app)
    3. pokemon red (game boy ROMs)
    4. 15 (game)
    5. gameboy4iphone
    6. gemlogic
    7. iCopter
    8. iCube
    9. iPac3D
    10. iSolitaire
    11. Lexitron
    12. NES
    13. NES Roms
    14. NeverballME
    15. Pool
    16. Tap Tap Revenge
    17. Tetris
    18. TicTacToe
    19. Shutdown
    20. SIP-VoiP To Phone
    21. Guitar Hero 3 for TTR
    22. iBlackjack
    23. iPhone Apps + Wiggle
    24. Modded Customize
    25. MyMedia
    26. SummerBoard Patch
    27. SummerBoard Theme Fix
    29. 20 GBA Roms (didnt feel like writing all of them)
    30. GBA Bios
    31. gpSPhone 1.8.0
    32. Other Rom Players
    33. StreetFlow
    34. Language Pack (1.1.4)
    35. Flixwagon
    36. GuitarChords
    37. IMGSaver
    38. IR-909
    39. iRadio
    40. MobileScrobbler
    41. MxTube
    42. OrbLive
    43. Your2Face
    44. AgileMessenger
    45. Apollo
    46. iShare
    47. iXboxLive
    48. Siphone
    49. VNsea
    50. Apple Battery
    51. Apple Sliders
    52. Grandy's Galaxy
    53. MacBook Air Keyboard
    54. NTW Installer
    55. Sexy Realize
    56. Books
    57. Sketches
    58. Community Sources
    59. AppFlow
    60. BSD Subsystem
    61. Categories
    62. Dock
    63. Installer
    64. OpenSSH
    65. SummerBoard
    66. A Touch Of Glass
    67. Amora
    68. Gold And Tune
    69. Lush Theme
    70. Vista
    71. Line-In based Oscilloscope
    72. TouchMods SIP-VoIP Newest
    73. Magic8
    74. PocketGuitar
    75. 1.1.5 Compatibility Patch
    76. Aqwoah Battery for iPod
    77. iAmp
    78. Kb
    79. BossPrefs
    80. BossTool
    81. MACalc
    82. RepoName
    83. Restart
    84. OS X Wallpaper Pack
    85. Simpsons Wallpaper

    Any thing from there that may be conflicting with my instalation of iPhysics or anything there i shouldnt have or shouldnt be on my iPod touch please let me kno so i can clear it up and get rid of anything thats not needed or make any changes that need to be made.

    The List Of My Sources:
    1. AppTapp Official (FW 1.x)
    2. Local Packages
    3. Apple's Repository
    4. BigBoss's Apps and Things (#4 and 5 have 2 different icons to the left)
    5. BigBoss's Apps and Things
    6. iSpazio Official
    7. ModMyiFone.com
    8. RiP Dev
    9. Ste Packaging
    10. Rusty's GB Repo
    11. InjuringChimp's Repo
    12. iClarified
    13. iPod Touched Repo
    14. SQL-iRomDB Repo
    15. R4m0n Repository
    16. Touchmods
    17. 11 Untitled Sources (guess there from sources that i put in but the refresh failed)
    18. s/b ModMyiFone.com
    19. ZodTTD.com Releases

    Those are all my sources i currently have. So same as my apps and stuff under my uninstall tab please if you see anything wrong or needs to be done just let me know. All i want is to get my dam iPhysics App!! Thank You.
  2. tian_kr

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    clear your queue.

    refresh sources
  3. brisingr

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    wasn't it taken down and pit in another source?
  4. killer72210

    killer72210 New Member

    Aug 8, 2008
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    How do i clear queue? Im Kinda new to the whole jailBroken iPod thing.
  5. mlbplayer456_is_back

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    go to the iphysics page tap install then clear queue then refresh sources and reboot your ipod and it should download. whats the error?
  6. killer72210

    killer72210 New Member

    Aug 8, 2008
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    The error is Main Script Execution Failed! Im going to try to clear queue now the refresh sources i just got in so i just see the post.
  7. AngelSynth

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    Apr 26, 2008
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    youc ould always manually add level packs via SSH, or clear your queue
  8. killer72210

    killer72210 New Member

    Aug 8, 2008
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    Ok i went to iPhysics and pressed install but there wasnt a clear queue option only a add to queue. So i added it then cleared, then i refreshed my sources but im still getting the "Error Main Script Execution Failed!" message. What now?

    Mabey i did it wrong? How Exactly am i supposed to do it because im new to the whole jailbroken itouch thing. And when i went to iPysics there was not a clear queue just install and add to queue if those details help at all.
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    Thanx Everyone for trying to help i found out the problem. i noticed that with my combalibility patch my ipod couldnt tell wat version my ipod was when i checked version it said N/A. so once i uninstalled it i was on 1.1.4 i dnt kno how tho because my original version was 1.1.5 before installing it. Now somehow my version is 1.1.4 (4A102). Then once i tryed installing iPhysics again it worked. If anyone has an explanation to why this happened i would really love to kno for future refrences. Thank You.

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