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    First, don't get your hopes up. Compensating for bad programming from the user side of the coin is a big uphill battle. That said, I don't know why this didn't occur to me earlier. It's since given me the nudge I needed for a fix on multiple occasions.

    Recently, for an example, I could not install any SB themes, getting instead the "main script execution failed!" error. It didn't crash, but but it did fail and that error is not exactly helpful. I tried reinstalling Installer and SummerBoard and doing other fixes people suggested; didn't help. So I tried this...

    Let the touch idle in SpringBoard.
    ssh into touch/phone from a remote computer as root.
    Type the full path to the binary inside the .app that is giving you problems, e.g.
    (don't forget, zsh has autocompletion, so you can type '/Ap' and hit the tab key, type 'I', hit tab, etc...)​
    Watch the application (Installer.app for my example) launch on the touch/phone. Cause the error (in my case, tap to a package that won't install and try to install it).
    Watch ssh session spit out useful errors:
    [size=-2]... Installer[...] ATUnpacker: Copying compressed path: blah >> /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/blah
    ... Installer[...] ATUnpacker: Extracting folder: blah/ >> /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/blah
    ... Installer[...] ATUnpacker: Could not extract folder, aborting operation!

    In my case, a look at /var/root/Library/SummerBoard revealed that it is a symlink to /var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard which was, in turn, a symlink to itself.

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    Don't care how it happened, but a quick
    [size=-2]cd /var/mobile/Library/; rm SummerBoard ; mkdir SummerBoard ; chmod mobile:mobile Summerboard[/size]​
    fixed it and allowed the install to succeed.

    So yeah, no promises, but given any mysterious error its still worth a shot.
    Cheers, crappa

    aside: The app in question still needs to have good error handling for this to be useful, but if you are at all comfortable in a shell, monitoring stdout and stderr of a crashy/buggy app will usually give you more info on the problem. The above also obviously requires sshing in to your touch/phone, a process for which there are plenty of instructions lying about on this site... but frankly, if you have never done this or aren't comfy on a cli, reading the output might not do much for you anyway. I guess you could post the additional errors in this forum to get better help though

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    Nice find. I guess now everytime someone gets an error they should post this.

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