Has anyone had this problem?

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    This thread can be deleted

    The problem was caused by me not having rightclock applied in winterboad, sorry for the useless thread, feel free to delete

    My font on the springboard is sort of grayish instead of pure white, earlier today it was white and then it changed, it is related to one of these 3 things, i just dont know which, and i dont know how to fix it, so the the 3 things are this

    1. I installed a wifi package provided by my college, its one of those setting things that you download and it only shows up in the settings app but it lets me get the school's wifi (i have unistalled and the font is still gray)

    2. I set up my gmail account on my ipod and it synced with the server and retrieved my emails

    3. I downloaded a .doc and two pictures through an email in my gmail account on my ipod, i didnt save them, they are just in the email

    Before these 3 things it was pure white font and afterwards it was grayish, so im pretty positive it was one of these 3, it looks crappy in my opinion, especially with the bluebird theme that i use

    does anyone know how to fix this? the font looks like the same color as the font color of the top status bar when you open up Contacts or any app like that

    before(left) and after(right)

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    nevermind, this thread can be deleted, it had to do with me not having rightclock applied in winterboard, sorry

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