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    The wind was picking up. I could see the faint image of the harbor in the distance. Going to Cyclone Island was a dangerous thing to do. At any moment you could be expecting the best of a situation and then end up whisked away, cargo flying and all. I was getting a little worried. Clouds were starting to form, and for a while I thought I was feeling raindrops. Here I was, worrying again. I have a worry problem. I am always worrying about something, whether it is about dropping cargo in the sea, or getting totaled by a cyclone. The wind started to blow harder. The rain started to drop, at an increasing rate. Now, it was time to worry.

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    Harbor Master is a fun, challenging game with a great presentation. With a polished menu, controls and graphics, this game is not one to pass up. It is a game that should show what a simple, exciting, entertaining game should be. It has the oh-so-charming; play again to get a better score attribute, and also lets you see other people’s scores to try to compete and climb up the rankings to become a Harbor Master.
    Harbor Master is a game in which you drag a ship with cargo to a harbor, in which they will take a few seconds to unload the harbor, and then you drag the ship off screen. You cannot let two ships crash into each other though, or it’s a game over. The game starts you off at a simple Harbor, Fishing Bay, and if you get your score high enough, you unlock other harbors such as Cyclone Island or Sturgeon Creek. Different harbors have different experiences that make the game more interesting. For instance, Cyclone Island may have a wandering Cyclone you might want your ships to avoid.

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    In the end, Harbor Master is a fine, polished game that is entertaining and will leave you with the ability to come back to the game without getting bored, as you aim to top your score, and other’s scores as well. The question is, Are you a Harbor Master?

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