Hakk79's review of firmware 1.1.4 for iPod Touch.

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.4 Jailbreak' started by hakk79, Mar 19, 2008.

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    As promised to one of my friends, I would set up a review about 1.1.4. So here it is.
    I used ziphone to jailbreak 1.1.4.

    So last night, a rainy night, I decided I needed an upgrade. Being scared of losing all my apps I had literally clung to 1.1.3, until last night, where I had built up some courage. So i pressed restore, and I downloaded ziphone.

    What a mistake.

    I jailbroke with ziphone and looked at all of the good features of 1.1.4. Apple said that It contained a number of "Bug-Fixes" but most people said it was a stepping stone for the SDK. Also many jailbrakers were relieved that the Jailbreak was not one of the "bugs" that was "fixed". So, after I jailbroke it (My iPod touch) I installed community sources, and some other applications such as mobile finder and such. Then I left rebooted my iPod and left it on my bed, to go to the bathroom.

    When I came back, i realized that all went to hell.

    I turned on my iPod all happy and crap, ready to install SIP-VOIP. I scrolled through all the apps (I had about 17 apps, and I had 8 on each page) until i realized....Wait....Oh my God...NO INSTALLER!!! Then, I went into the applications that were installed. They were super laggy. On top of that, my iPod started to heat up, until I could not hold it.
    I was forced to leave it until it ran out of battery, and as I am writing this I am restoring to 1.1.3 right now.

    So, my sypnopsis:
    I suggest you stay on 1.1.3

    To be serious, 1.1.4 is a stepping stone for the upcoming release of firmware 2.0 and the app store, but now I think that to finally shake off jailbreakers, Apple, knowing that they could never stop people from putting third party apps on the iPod touch, made their "Bug fixes" to mess up installer and such.

    If you do decide to stay on 1.1.3 until firmware 2.0 comes out, you can always upgrade to that and wait until jailbreakers make some hacks for that (Which they already have).

    Anyway, this is just my personal experience of 1.1.4 and it is just meant to tell the truth.

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    Thank You for reading

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    P.S. : I know people may say that 1.1.4 worked great for them (Which I do not deny) but, I am just doing this from someone who wants the facts before they upgrade.

    Thanks Again!
  2. Sickly_slick

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    Jan 25, 2008
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    i think you hit an unique problem that rare occurs lol
    check out what other people posted about upgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 without losing any apps
    1.1.4 is totally stable enough to use
  3. birkett

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    iPod touch
    Make sure to do a full resotre to 1.1.4, prefereably from DFU mode.
  4. jpga13

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    iPad 3
    read the directions first!
  5. MegaMan

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    Sep 16, 2007
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    I have jail broken 1.1.4 on 16gb and it works fine expect for mail
    and I don't get why people put SIP-VOIP on an ipod it's not a phone
    working great

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