iPhone 3GS Had Iphone 3GS for a few days....now some questions

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by digitalduck, Jul 19, 2009.

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    OK, I moved from my Ipod Touch 2G to the 3GS and its great. A couple questions though that i cant seem to find in a search.

    1. I have a texting plan but is of all the sms apps on cydia which is the best one that gives you the option of using your carrier or the app? Of replying without unlocking etc...

    2. Also, does at&t have an issue wiht people using somehting like 3g unrestrictor? I think its a great app, just wondering how they feel about it. I read that the FCC made it illegal to place restirctons like this, but sitll.

    3. What is the best app to stream "live" tv currently? I am using "television" which gives you the most recent from that day, but nothing live i guess.. anything without any addtl. hardware?

    4. I know there are programs that can switch apps etc... but where I run into problems is with programs that have to launch safari to show me something else.. then regardless i have to close safari then open that program again.... wiht app switch solve that problem for me as well?

    5. I installed volume boost 3.0. Will that also increase the earpiece volume or just the speaker?

    6. Is there a progrma that will automatically switch from 3g when im in range and wifi when im not? Maybe i explained it wrong..when I leave my hose i want 3G to turn on auto and when im back in range to turn off... i have sbs settings so its not hard to do it myself just wondering.

    7. Last quesiton...was it in my best interest to break my verizon account just to get iphone on at&t or should I have purchased 3gs and then unlocked it to keep options open? The data plan is only about $360 a year and that is less then the price of a new iphone on ebay etc anyway.. ive only had it from a week so options are still open...

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    4G iPod touch
    u can unlock your phone at any time in the future, unless you update your baseband, also you need some codes from your device, i dont know the site though, ull have to look, and that needs to be done soon unfortunately, but if u do all that, you cant use verizon, because they dont use SIM cards, at the time you can only use a carrier that has SIM cards

    also, your phone automatically switches between 3g to edge and wifi, whatever will be faster.

    as for your other questions, im not sure im on an ipod touch, so my iphone knowledge is limited lol
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    I got mine friday. Still learning it as well. I'll only reply to the ones I know . . .

    No issues . . . AT&T is just trying to restrict bandwith usage. I thought about downloading that, but haven't had a use for it yet.

    It works on both the earpiece and the speaker.

    That's built into the phone. It defaults to the best connection available.

    YES!!! Verizon is CDMA, and they are the only other carrier worth a damn (depends on where you live, though). Unless locally there is a GSM carrier that has great coverage (better than AT&T), then stick with AT&T. I refuse to touch the baseband on my device.
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    1: I use iRealSMS. It's the best as far as I'm concerned, but alot of people like BiteSMS (Which allows you to use their text service, but it's way more expensive).

    2: You're not going to get busted for using the 3G UnRestrictor thing.

    3: Don't know

    4: You can use Backgrounder to background the app, open safari, then go back to the first app without anything changing in it.

    5:I use it too, and I think that it increases the headphone volume.

    6: I don't think so, but when you have a Wifi connection, it wont use 3G for anything but texting and calling.

    7: I broke my Verizon contract to get the iPhone 3G, then just upgraded to the 3GS. I really think it was a good idea, besides AT&T's shortcomings. If you want your iPhone to always be compatible, then use AT&T. If you use T-Mobile, you can't upgrade software or use 3G. It's pretty problematic, plus you'd have to pay a ridiculous price for the iPhone 3GS off of ebay or something. I would stick it through on AT&T

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