Hackintosh Guide For HP DV9000 Series, or similair notebooks!

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    This is a complete n00b guide to installing OS X on an HP DV9000 series notebook pc. Ok, well i got alot of help from Smithy and Mirror1 in the Hackintosh Help Thread. So alot of credit goes to them!

    I am using the DV9335nr
    My Specifications:
    Intel T5300 @ 1.73 GHZ
    2GB of 533MHZ RAM
    160GB SATA HDD
    nVidia 7600 GO
    17 Inch Monitor
    SLIMTYPE Optical Drive

    Non-working hardware at the moment:
    Optical Drive (haven't tried getting it working)
    Wireless (Tried but have failed, you might be successful and if you are please help us out!)
    Partially-Webcam (It works during the set-up, but i havent tried it out on any applications so far)

    Proceed at your own risk, i am not responsible for any loss of data, corrupt files, or any other sort of damage that occurs, backup important files!

    What you will need:
    • Get an OSx86 Distro, in this guide I will be using Ideneb v1.3. I will not be providing any links, so dont ask, just google it.

    • Get a partition manager, I will be using Aronis Disk Director Suite. Do not use the Built-In partition manager in windows!

    • A DVD burner and a blank disc to burn to

    • A DVD burning program, I will be using Roxio Creator Basic.

    • A dual boot configurator, i will be using EasyBDC.

    Partitioning: Moderate

    A.) Open up your partition manager.

    B.) Choose how much of your HDD will be used for OS X, I chose 40GB out of my 160GB. Remember OS X will take up about 8GB so you will only have around 32GB, 8GB less that what you partitioned available.

    C.) Remember, i am NOT responsible for any loss of data, Proceed at your own risk! Create your partition using the "Create Partition" button, choose the HDD that you want to take space out of and hit "next", then choose the amount you want to take out and hit "next". Now this is very important, It will now ask you what format you want it to be, select "none"! Then finish the wizard and commit your operations using the "Commit", mine was a flag, all programs might not have this so try to find something like it.

    D.) Now it will ask you to restart your computer, a black screen will come up during boot with white letters and progress bars, This is normal just let it do what it's gotta do.

    E.) Your computer will now boot, and you will have a new partition whatever size you chose, and you main partition will be shrunken.

    F.) You have now created your Mac OS X partition.

    Remember: Only Proceed to the next step if you have your Distro ISO!

    ISO Burning: Easy

    A.) Get a blank disk and insert it into your Optical Drive.

    B.) Open your burning program and locate the Ideneb ISO file. Now click "burn", mine took about 45min so be patient.

    Dual Boot Setup: Easy

    A.) Open EasyBCD and add Mac OSX to it, just look around for it in the menu's, for some reason mines not working. Now save and exit.

    Booting From Disc and Choosing Partition: Moderate, Longest One

    A.) Keep you disc with the ISO in the optical drive and shut down your computer. Turn your computer on and during the splash screen hit the "esc" key to enter the "Boot Order" menu. Now you should see a couple of items, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to "CD-ROM" or "SLIMTYPE OPTICAL DRIVE" and hit "enter" on your keyboard. The names are something like that, i cant exactly remember, just something that has to do with your Optical or DVD drive.

    B.) Now you should see a black screen with white text telling you the name of the ISO on the CD and something like "Hit any key to boot from CD" and then it will say like Ideneb V1.3 and some random text you don't care about.

    C.) It will proceed to boot from the CD and will pop up with a white screen with a gray apple in the middle and a little pin-wheel looking thing under that apple. That is the loading thing.

    D.) Next you will see a screen asking language or something and just choose your'e language and stuff. And a screen showing you bugs fixes and stuff, just agree and proceed to next step.

    E.) Now it will ask you where to install OS X, if you do not see your partition, then click "Utilities" on the top bar and it will open, it will scan for your HDD and partitions. Find the new partition you created and click it, their may be no name so you have to find the partition be size.

    F.) Once you find the partition click it, then click on the tab erase. It say say something about fromats with a drop down menu. Click the drop down menu and it will show multiple formats, click on "Mac OS(Journaled)". Now click the "erase" button near the bottom and it will show you a warning and click OK.

    G.) Now close out the disk utility windows with the red circle at the top left corner. It will bring you back to the screen to where you want to install OS X, You should see your partition. Click it and hit "next".

    H.) Now it will bring you to a screen to install it, there will be a couple of options, VERY IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY, DONT click "OK", CLICK "customize".

    Proceed to next step, keep customize window open!

    Customize, Choose Drivers: Moderate

    A.) This one is kinda hard to explain, but ill try. Im going to break it down into sections for what each one is:

    B.)Audio: Just hit the box next to the audio one so it is blue and checked.

    C.)Graphics: Since were mobile get the NVinjectGO for 6 and 7 series GO cards

    D.) Fixes: Just choose the Shutdown Fix. I dont remember what the other one's called but when you click them they have descriptions, this one is about the battery for notebooks, click both of those so they have checkmarks next to them in blue boxes.

    E.)Network: For Wired, choose the Intel V/1000PRO or something that looks close to that, forgot the name. For wireless, currently they're are no stable solutions so dont choose anything their, if you search google you might be able to find something.

    F.)Programs: You choose what you want, just read the descriptions.

    G.) I think thats it, now click done and hit "OK" to install. It will check for disk consistency for a while, then start installing.

    Setup OS X, and Finish

    A.) Complete the Setup, it just asks you general info....

    B.) Done! Now you can go explore your new operating system, OS X
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    • Flaming and/or trolling
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    nice bump
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    Hmmm, how harder would it be for a dv6/dv5
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    This is a strange method that I am not familiar with.
    I would recommend you instead use custom kexts along with the tonymacx86 method (google it) as it is a more complete experience, including wireless.

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