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    So, I see all these threads asking if they should buy an application, and if it's worth it. There's a simple answer you can find out by yourself. So, let's begin...

    First you'll determine what you want/need the application for (entertainment/etc). So now that you know this what you will do is look up reviews for the specified application. You might not know how to do this, it's okay, there's many ways.

    You can look in the App Reviews on here, you can use Google, YouTube, the App Store's built in review section for each application, and other search engines/websites you may know of. Now that you've found a review read/watch it and try to examine what it gives you and make sure it has everything you want/need. You can always ask specific questions by asking the developer(s) of the application as well. So now you've got everything you need to make this choice by yourself.

    Ask yourself these questions, (and other questions you may think of)

    Does it have what I'm looking for?
    Is it missing something I need?
    Is it not as good as it seemed.

    From here you should be able to decide to buy the application or not.

    I know this is kind of rough, so if you have anything you want added please post it, I was rushed because I'm about to go to sleep.

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