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    [GUIDE] Pre- & Post-Jailbreak Info

    So, since so many people are asking the same questions over & over, i figured i'd try to post a pre-jailbroken & post-jailbroken guide. I'm running Windows 7, so the pre-jailbreak information will be mostly Windows-related. Most of this does contain the same information as other guides, but i tried to combine as much as i could here, so users wouldn't have to jump around from thread to thread.

    First Off:
    THIS JAILBREAK IS TETHERED, which means when the iPod is COMPLETELY turned off (holding the power button then using the slider to power down, or holding the Power + Home buttons till the device shuts off), it must be put into DFU Mode & the redsn0w patch must be run again. That being said, if you restarted your iPod & the screen turns black (won't power on) you need to run one of the redsn0w boot tools (Further down in this post i will have the links to some of the tools).

    I usually don't post to YouTube videos, but this is the video i used to use to enter DFU Mode. For Windows users, the alternative is:

    XP Users -> Just install as usual, continue with the rest of whichever tutorial you decided to use.
    Windows 7/ Vista Users -> Just a tiny bit different. *Before you install* LibUSB, you have to right click the installation file, click Properties, then the Compatibility Tab, & check off 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2). After that hit Apply/OK & install as usual.

    For those who don't want to use the command prompt way of jailbreaking, here are some of the tools to jailbreak your iPod 2G:

    List of Jailbreak Tutorials, Videos and Tools
    [Mac] Redsn0w Tutorial [Tethered]
    [Windows] Redsn0w Tutorial [Tethered]
    Cyw00d Jailbreak Helper V1.7 (Cydia & Installer) (For XP & Vista)
    *I posted Cyw00d's thread because of the amount of people that have used it with success. I am not sure of any other popular GUI jailbreaks. If there are other highly recommended GUI's i'll add them to the list.

    Each time the iPod is completely turned off, to start it up again, the redsn0w much must be reapplied -- much easier to do with a GUI program which will pretty much do it all for you, just need to follow the few simple instructions it gives you. I'm not really sure which Boot Tools are dependable, once again i'd probably say Cyw00d's because of how many people choose to use it. I just did a quick search through the forum & came up with these tools. Personally, i use goofball's 1 Click Boot. Here are some other tools:
    redTool - Release
    Voltage - Jailbreak/Boot Tool - BETA
    Cyw00d Jailbreak Helper V1.7 (Cydia & Installer)
    [Release] GUI Jailbreaking Program
    4 Second Bootloader! One click
    1ClickBoot 1.0 [Official download] ~ Boot with 1 click, no replugging! ~ UPDATED

    *They are in no specific order, they just came up that way when i searched.

    The number one question i see being asked (aside from "WTFOMFG why doesn't my iPod turn on?!?!?") is where can i get "<insert app name here>". If it's not an App Store application, you get it from Cydia. Cydia is how you install third-party apps, games, tools, themes... you name it.
    WinterBoard -- Theming the iPod 2G. This is the application you use to add wallpaper, change icons, the lock screen... Just about everything. Just as a heads up, this application WILL completely shutdown your iPod after installing, this is normal. You will just have to run the redsn0w patch again to get it back up. This will only happen once. I believe there are a few guides on the forum on how to get around this, but it's really not a big deal to reboot the iPod if you have a tool for it. Once you download a theme through Cydia, simply open up WinterBoard select the theme you want, then hit the Home button.

    Your device will respring, & the theme will apply itself. Here is a guide to doing more advanced things with WinterBoard:
    [HOW TO] Use WinterBoard for everything you need to theme!
    Another popular question is "What is SSH?" SSH is a way to transfer files (usually themes) to your iPod from your computer, wirelessly. The other alternative (at least for Windows users) is iPhone Browser, which goes through the USB cable. Most of the questions related to OpenSSH are "How do i install a theme to WinterBoard that i've downloaded?" Simply following one of the tutorials below to setup SSH (sorry Mac users, not sure of any links for you guys) then load it up, open the folder: "/var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX" & place your theme inside. Then open WinterBoard on your device select the theme * let it respring. Voila.
    The Various Methods of File Transfer
    *NOTE: You DO NOT need to run the commands at the end of the post, that was for older jailbreaks. Cydia now does this for you.
    [PICTURE GUIDE] Setting Up WinSCP *Noob Guide (Windows Users)

    I believe i covered most of the commonly asked questions, if there is something else you think i should add/remove, just let me know. If anyone has a problem with me posting a link to their jailbreak or boot tool, i will gladly remove it.

    ~Happy Jailbreaking!!
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    Another guide >.>
    Seems good though

    We have a sticky for this though

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