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    Jailbreaking FAQS

    This is a Thread, with some Questions i haven seen around the Forum. So, i'll try to answer those that i can. You may also PM me if you have any problems. But please, Read the thread first.

    Let's Begin...

    What is it?
    To jailbreak your iPod touch, or iPhone. You are removing the barrier apple applied to your device to stop you from: Installing Themes. Installing third party apps. and And Totally Customize your device.

    Why should i jailbreak?

    There are many reasons for jailbreaking:

    Total Customization,
    Third party apps,
    There are many other reasons why people jailbreak, but they are the reasons why i jailbroke!

    Is this Legal?

    At the moment, jailbreaking is full legal. Nothing wrong with it. But there are some things you can do with a jailbroken device that are not legal.

    Apple are trying to make jailbreaking illegal. but have not succeeded as of yet.

    Is this Dangerous?

    This can be, but NOT if you do everything correctly.

    Some known problems:

    iPod Touch will not boot, To fix this, Simply Place your iPod into DFU Mode. By Holding the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds. Then releasing the power button, and continue to hold down the home button for a further 9 seconds. Your iPod should be recognized in itunes, as in recovery mode.

    iPod Touch will not Restore, Also put into DFU and then try to restore. If not. Unplug iPod. Hold Down home button whilst plugging in, and wait until recognized as Recovery mode.

    USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED, this will normally happen when you plug in a powered of thethered jailbroken ipod. Simply put into DFU and Restore. Or Using the Hold home and plug in until recognized in itunes and recovery mode, method.

    There are many more problems, Obvs. But always try restoring in DFU mode to fix.

    If none of the Above work. Try a different computer. A different USB Port. Reboot your computer. Re-install iTunes.

    Will i be able to install App Store apps?

    Of course you can!

    Where can i get my hands on this Jailbreak?

    If you are a 1G user (No external volume controls, or speaker) Then simply google Quickpwn. Or youtube. quickpwn works with the iPod touch 1G, the iPhone, and the iPhone 3G i believe.

    If you are a 2G user (External volume and speaker).

    If on Windows use this:

    If on a mac use this:

    I am a windows user, and have not used the mac program.

    I can assure you the Quickfreedom program WORKS.

    You WILL need to have LibUSB installed (Install as windows Xp Service pack 2 , if your running Vista)
    You Will need to run QuickFreedom as a Admin on vista.

    More Guides

    You are Jailbroken, now what? [Guide]

    Jailbreaking Problems [Guide]

    Advantages and Disadvanages of Jailbreaking [Guide]

    Any More problems Please PM me.

    Please leave comments and Suggestions.

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    Great post, hope that helps members and they can read this before posting all over the place about things you explain here.

    Cheers, The Crow
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    The other guides i have made are also in there. To answer any more questions people may have.

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