Guide: How to use the new iPod Touch with existing Dock conencters

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    Many of us have Dock connecters or clock radios that have an ipod dock built in. If you have one and bought the new iPod touch only to find out it does not work with your existing dock. Don't freak. There is a solution.

    Your dock should have a Universal Dock connecter in it. It should look like this

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    The iPod Touch should have come with a single 4th generation UDC. If it did not, for $9 at the Apple store you can pick up a three pack.

    How to replace:

    The old UDC should be firmly in place. Take a butter knife or something flat that won't scratch the hell out of the dock and lift up the old UDC. Take the new UDC and snap it in to place - the same way the old one was.

    Plug your iPod in and you should be set!

    Hope this guide helps you in setting up your new iPod Touch with your existing Dock.

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