[Guide] How to install LibUSB on vista

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    Ok, this is mainly for my upcoming "100% noob friendly" jailbreaking program. But i thought instead of posting it on a seperate website i would just stick it in here.

    Step 1

    If you havnt already, download libusb from here. Save it, do not open it.

    Step 2

    Navigate to the folder you downloaded the libusb program to. Right click on it. Go down to properties. Then go to the "Compatability" tab. Tick the box and make sure it says "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" Basicly, make sure yours look exactly the same as the picture bellow.

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    Step 3

    Press ok, right click on the libusb program again, run it as an administrator. Complete the install. You may have to reboot.​


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