iPhone 4 [GUIDE] How to get an iPhone 4 if you are Canadian [GUIDE]

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    I've decided to make a mini guide on how to obtain one of those beautiful iPhone 4's I'd you are a resident of the great white north. Now as you all know, it's probably the hardest thing to get your hands on right now.

    Before I begin, here's my story on how I got mine.
    I got up at 5:30am on a Friday morning and I got in line at about 6am at the Apple store at PACIFIC CENTER. I waited in line until about 9 when Ian, the manager, came out and notified us that they got in a shipment of stuff, but it looks like there are no iPhones in the shipment, and if there are, they are in very limited quantities. So he went back inside, came back out later and said there were only like 9-10 iPhones and I didn't make it. I just waited in line for approx. 5 hours for nothing so I was pretty pissed. I went home and I went back to my usual routine that I went through EVERY DAY:

    Call all the Rogers stores in my vicinity and ask if they have any iPhones. But this time, I decided to try to call a FutureShop, which actually sells Rogers phones. SO I called the one on Marine drive (by now its like 11am) and they notified me that they had like 3 left!!! I was so excited so I raced over there, and by the time I got there, there was 1 left. Several guys arrived just after me and I was lucky enough to be there before them. I got it 16GB iPhone 4.

    So, finally, this is what you should do:

    How to get a commitment-free iPhone 4

    Go line up at the Apple Store at 6am. You will most likely get one. I've called them several times and every time I got these answers:

    - they get anywhere from 30-100 iPhones every shipment *ON AVG*
    - the shipments come about 3 times a week, from Monday - Friday (not on weekends) but they come on random days.
    - there are line ups every morning
    - apparently the iPhone shipments should speed up a lot after September 30th, because thats when the case program ends and a new firmware is coming out that will fix the antennae issue around then (this is information from an insider at Bell).

    If you DO plan on getting one from the Apple store, remember to call them probably the day before you go, ask them what days that week they have gotten shipments, and try to predict when the next one will come (just keep in mind that they come 3 times a week, not on weekends and you should be able to predict the next shipment within a range of 1-2 days)

    how to get a contracted (ROGERS, TELUS, etc.) iPhone 4

    First, you have to call all the Rogers stores or Telus stores (whichever carrier you're on) and get yourself on every single waiting list. If they dont do waiting lists (and some stores don't) just call them every day to see if they got any in. This will be a lot of calling, but it's worth it. Note: don't leave out places like FutureShop that sell phone on carrier contracts. After that, repeat the steps above for getting an iPhone at the Apple store (call them beforehand, wait in line, etc.). Remember that you can still get an iPhone 4 from the Apple store and set it up with a contract from Rogers or Telus or most of the other major Canadian carriers.

    I will be fixing this post up soon I just wanted to get this out on my iPhone before I head out.

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