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    What This Guide Covers
    - Installing NES Emulator on your iPod Touch or iPhone
    - Transferring ROMs to your device

    How to SSH into your device: Click Here

    - Jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone
    - Cydia
    - Everything required to SSH into your device

    Installing NES Emulator
    In order to get the free version of NES, you need to have an iPod Touch or iPhone firmware of less than 3.0. If you have firmware 3.0 or higher, you need to install a version of NES that costs money.

    For Less Than 3.0
    Go to the following and install it:
    Sections -> Games -> NES

    For 3.0 or Higher
    Go to the following, purchase, and install it:
    Sections -> Games -> NES 3

    Transferring ROMs To Your Device
    Before transferring, make sure that the ROM is extracted and has a .nes extension.

    1. SSH into your device.
    2. Go to "Media". Create a folder called "ROMs".
    3. Within that folder, create a folder called "NES".
    4. Copy the ROM to this folder.

    Restart your springboard and open up NES.

    If you need any help, PM me or leave a comment.

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