Greyed out songs on iTunes. (manual option on!)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by EmmaB, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Ever since I had to restore my laptop, for some reason my iTunes and iPod wouldn't work together and all my songs on my iPod showed up with the ! next to them on iTunes.
    This didn't bother me until I went to listen to my iPod and most of my songs were 'greyed out' and unplayable. I have restored my iPod simply so I can get my purchased songs from iTunes to work again. (this worked.)
    Although on my iPod there are about 5 songs bought through iTunes from other peoples accounts that are not showing up in iTunes but are coming up as grey on my iPod. I want to delete them because the little email and password box keeps coming up. Any ideas?
    Also the songs work on my iPod when taken out of my laptop now. (obviosuly except for ones bought through others iTunes) But they are still showing up as grey on iTunes any ideas why??
    It is set to Manually manage music already, I really don't understand why this is happening!
    Sorry for the long post it's just my iPod really frustrates me!!
    Thank You.
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    The reason why there are "!" exclamation points next to your songs is because when you restored your laptop, you did not save your songs to your hard drive or back them up. They may have saved on your iPod, but when you went to sync your iPod, iTunes went looking for the songs that were deleted, and could not be found. If you click the "!" it will tell you that the song(s) could not be located.

    The solution is to look to see if your laptop has a backup of your songs saved before you restored it (maybe in an external hard drive or hidden in a backup folder.) The other solution is to find all your CD's with the songs you had put on your laptop, and do it all over again!

    And as for the "little box popping up for an email and password:"

    This alert comes up because your iPod or iTunes is trying to re-download those 5 songs. Unless you have access to those 5 other emails and passwords, it will keep coming up unless you delete the songs in iTunes.

    The songs are greyed-out on your iPod because they are not downloaded on iTunes, and therefore not downloaded on your iPod. You still get to see it greyed-out because the file name (the song name) still exists in iTunes, but do not play because they cannot be found, and that's why they have the "!" next to them.

    Hope this helps-

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