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  1. I'd just like to say that I love this forum and I come here every day, check the front page, look at the latest posts and usually reply! The only thing is though is that recently I have noticed a lot of swearing and inappropriate talk even from some mods. I also see a lot o recent posts with swearing and the use hasn't been given a warning or banned. Some people ACTUALLY spam and post ads. The thread that got me banned I only posted that link because I had to rush and didn't have enough time to rewrite it on iPod touch fans and I was going to put the guide onto iPod touch fans and edit my post to link to the one from iPod touch fans.

    I don't want to get myself banned any further all I am asking is that if mods ban or warn the people who are ACTUALLY deliberately breaking the rules. Also I have seen a link in somones sig that promotes piracy! Also since I have been banned for posting a link to another forum when I can login again I will remove th link!


    And also mods if you have decided to take action you may close my thread and archive it just delete it thanks

    From a banned member
  2. mkm159

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    Sep 20, 2010
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    umm.. this was NOT a smart move.
    now you will be perma banned.
    and calling out the moderators out.. not good.
    and telling them how to do their job... again not good.

    you should have just accepted the FAIR ban. especially since you will be back tomorrow on that account.. but now im not so sure.
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