Graphing Calculator from WinPlot?

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    Hello all
    im unsure if any of you heard of this problem, it is called WinPlot (here to download, freeware)
    the ENTIRE program is 700kb

    i know on the title it says "graphing calculator" but it isnt much of a calculator, but it can graph functions, waves, and other graphs (theres a 3D option too but i never used that)
    my teacher recommended this for my class saying that if we do not have a TI-84 (graphing calculator) at home, we can use this program for graphing.
    this program can also find zeros, intercepts, local max. points, local min. points, intercepts, and more

    im unsure if this program is open source but it would be great to port this into the iPod Touch (especially this program is only 700KB)

    any developer/programmer/coder want to give this a try? if you do can i have some credits? lol

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    please PM me or post here if you want instructions on how to use this program (i do not know 100% about this program, just only what i need)

    EDIT: How to use the BASIC features of this program:
    (when i say basic, i meant the features that i know lol)

    To graph a function:
    Window -> 2-dim F2 New Window Opens
    Equa -> Explicit New Window Opens
    At the "y = <blank>" place, type in the function
    e.g. y= x^2+2x+1 <-- a quadratic, "^" means to the power of (6^2 = 36)

    To change the window:
    View -> View Check mark box "set corners" enter max/min of x and y
    This adjust the left/right/down/up bounds

    To change the scale/grid features:
    View -> Grid (not sure about this, theres a trig option here so you can graph sin/cos waves)

    To find x-intercepts:
    One -> Zero -> Press Next

    To find local maximum/minimum points:
    One -> Extremes -> Press Next ( press next again to see other local max/min points)

    I hope people understand how to use this, by knowing how to use this many someone will be able to port this into the iPod Touch

    I hope someone port this before i graduate lol
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    Heh, an Ipod that can function like a TI-89 would be awesome.

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