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    Hi all. ZodTTD here, creator of the GBA emulator port of gpSP to iOS... gpSPhone!

    gpSPhone has been updated to version 8 and is now public and is now free (ad supported).

    It also includes better cheat code support. Cheat codes that work with Gameboid for Android should also work for gpSPhone. I have included a zip of fan made cheat codes in the app package in /Applications/ but you can download them at as well.

    If you unzip this file you will see cheats organized by game title in the filename. Inside these files you may see something similar to this Paperboy cheat code:

    PAR_V3 (M)
    bcec7533 ea1f43ad
    79dbf43f 47caa546
    PAR_V3 Infinite Lives
    7711ce98 b828a075
    PAR_V3 Infinite Papers
    d3731138 3d413d13

    The first line is the cheatcode type and the description. Simply start it with PAR_V3 (case sensitive) and a space followed by a very short descriptive title of the cheat code. The (M) description in this case say it's a "master code". If master codes are needed, all master codes for a game must be entered and enabled for any cheats to work. This master code is a multi-line code as seen by the next two lines of 16 characters separated by a space for the 9th letter. Each code must be on a new line and must have a space in that 9th spot.

    Now the master code is entered, so to enable infinite lives in Paperboy, we put a blank line between the previous cheat code (the master code in this case) and begin a new cheatcode type and description of "PAR_V3 Infinite Lives" followed by a new line and the Infinite Papers cheat code. These are single line cheat codes and have a space placed for 9th character of the 16 character cheat code as required. Add a new blank line at the end of all the cheat codes in the list.

    To use these cheats in gpSPhone simply load the Paperboy game, press/goto the menu button. Choose "Options" then "Cheat Code Settings". Press "Edit" in the upper left. Write the cheat codes in the text area (or you can of course copy and paste the cheat codes written elsewhere). Press "Save". If the formatting of the cheat codes were correct you will now see the cheats listed under "Cheats Loaded" in "Cheat Settings". They will with a toggle switch to turn them on or off. To use this example's "Infinite Lives" cheat code you will need to enable the master code labeled "(M)" and then enable "Infinite Lives". Then go back to the game and enjoy the cheat!

    Some gotchas:
    A lot of these cheat codes rely on a clean unpatched ROM! Most ROMs will have a filename with an exclamation point like so to determine if it's a clean verified ROM: (!)
    Some cheat codes will work either way, patched or not.

    Some cheat codes rely on a specific region for the game.
    So make sure your cheat code is for the right region of the ROM you have (Europe, USA, etc.).

    Some cheat codes don't play well with being enabled with other cheat codes.
    This is just the nature of cheat codes. Things can go wrong or get "glitchy" in-game.

    Pokemon ROMs are often patched. It can be tricky to get the right cheats for whichever ROM version you may have, but it'll work. The more cheats enabled at once, the higher the chance for glitches.
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    For some reason when I try to use cheat codes to my Pokemon emerald game it doesn't work. Like, I turn on the code and tap done, but when I go back to the cheat code settings menu it shows that the codes I previously turned on are now off. Why is that?

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