Gpsphone save issue resolved 1.1.4

Discussion in 'Gameboy Advance emulator (gpSPhone)' started by ipodowner_123456, Jun 27, 2008.

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    i HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS ALL WEEKEND I COULDN'T SAVE ANY OF MY GAMES ON MY IPOD TOUCH. I could save my games when i downloaded them from a source but now that there is no source which is up you have to ssh. (which i did by iphone browser)

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    I had that problem where my term-vt100 login mess !! nothing worked on it even mobile finder didn't work for me. but now i have come up with a solution.

    Yeah so lets get to the part !!! add this source in installer
    then go to category my apps then install Cydia it will take some time as it is pretty big but somewhere on the way it may look like it is stuck but it is really not just don't let the ipod sleep.

    after downloading that go to installer then uninstall then uninstall term-vt100 and mobile finder if you have it installed. then go to cydia then install mobile finder and automatic open ssh(something like that) then you almost done go to home screen.
    then go to your term-vt100 you should see: your name's ipod root# if you don't that is okay too. after that type in this in term-vt100: chown -hR mobile /var/mobile/Media/ROMs
    there is a space after chown and yes follow the capitals and also there is a space after mobile.

    i will help if you have any problems
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    No offense, but this issue was resolved in other threads and your method has alot of unnecessary steps.

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