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    This area of the forum is continually plagued by repeat threads please take time to read through this thread and if you still have questions search a little and then feel free to PM me I will try my best to answer.

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    I: Microphones
    II: The

    Q: Does the iPod touch have and internal (built in) microphone?

    A: No the iPod touch does not have an internal microphone.

    Q: Can I use my cellphone headset with an adapter or with apple heaphones that have an embedded mic??

    A: No, the iPod touch only accepts sound input from the USB terminal connector so your headphone mic will not work.

    Q: Can I buy a Microphone from anywhere?

    A: Yes, the guys over at have made a microphone; of which limited amounts are available at present time. To order a touchmods mic click here:

    Q: I can't get the touchmods microphone is there any place else I can get I mic for my touch?

    A: Yes, you can undergo the easy microphone modification known as the "Wal-Mart mic hack". The microphone used in said hack is called the "iVoiceIII". for A guide on how to do this modification click on the link below. You will also find other helpful links below.

    The Wal-Mart hack: IvoiceIII

    How to solder:

    Purchase the iVoiceIII online: Products&hl=en


    Q: I have downloaded the but every time I try to dial a number the program simply freezes forcing me to restart my iPod.

    A: The is essentially still a beta program and cannot be expected to work perfectly. That said, take the time to make sure you account info is correct it is CaSe SeNsItIvE. Calls will take time so give you iPod a minute or two to connect. If the connection fails there will be no message and more than likely your ipod will freeze.

    General guide to the use of

    Q: I have heard that I can get a number for incoming calls is this true

    A: incoming numbers can be purchased through almost and VoIP provider however Skype is the only provider rumored to receive calls on the touch. Once again incoming numbers must be purchased

    Q: I have completed the "Wal-Mart mic hack" however I have very poor sound quality. Can this be remedied?

    A: Since the "hack" does remove parts of the iVoiceIII perfect quality cannot be expected. However it is said that microphones, monitors, wireless telephones and even wi-fi signals are said to interfere with the iVoice mod. Try turning some stuff off.

    Thanks to all those I linked to. More will be added later

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