Got a TV, iPod, VGA Cable, Laptop, Time, and $6.00?

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    I am new to the iPod Touch Fans Forum, but I am no newbie to the device so please try not to use my new membership as an excuse to ignore me.

    My YouTube Account is DraconisdeAmeicanus.

    I also have a video instruction for this.

    Situation: You want to see your desktop on that big HDTV of yours right? But you don't want to sit next to your computer to navigate it, nor do you want to spend $60+ for a wireless mouse and keyboard. Then this is for you!

    HDTV with RGB connection
    VGA cable
    Computer with wireless internet access
    iPod Touch/ iPhone with internet
    $6.99 on your iTunes Account
    Snatch Server & Bonjour (Google it, you'll find them)


    1.) Take the VGA cable and plug it into your HDTV's RGB connection.

    2.) connect VGA cable to your Computer.

    3.) Download Snatch Server from

    4.) Buy Snatch on the App Store for $6.99 (price may vary)

    5.) open up Snatch on iPod/iPhone, and Snatch Server on your computer*

    (Note* If you have Apple's Bonjour on your computer, you should have an automatic setup as long as your iPod Touch/iPhone is on the same network as your computer)

    6.) If you don't have Bonjour:

    Click on the i in the bottom right corner of the Snatch App
    click manual connection.

    fill details on the Snatch Server on Manual Connection.

    You have done it!

    Now sit back and wirelessly control your computer!

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    4G iPod touch
    I hate to say this, but you can do exactly this for free, logitec touch mouse. Just thought I'd save some people $6.00.
    it's pretty much the same and you can also use an onscreen keyboard to enter text on your computer. very useful
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    Maybe you should be really have hated to say that, you bumped on a 3 year old thread.
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