got a nice theme but dont like the wallpaper? heres the EASY to change it

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    1. get any image you want from google images whatever you are interested in.

    2. Your image is not yet the correct image resolution for the screen. To fix this import into iphoto. by using the "crop" feauture on your photo, change the resolution to 480 by 320 pixels.

    3. Now that ur image is set transfer to ipod via sftp or Iphonedrive:

    4. now lets hope you have mobilefinder. if you dont, download via installer app.

    5. open up mobile finder and go to the folder you sent ur image to. (if you have iphone drive this would be media/iphonedrive

    6 tap the file and hit "modify" then "copy"

    7. go to library/summerboard/themes. all your themes are here.

    8. navigate to the folder you want to change the background for. example: if i wanted to change the icarus background i would double tap the icarus folder

    9. now you are in the them folder hit "paste" there should be your image file there. example: if you downloaded something like swim.jpg you should see a swim.jpg file there.

    10. rename the wallpaper.png file to something random. This is because if you want go back to the other background later, you dont want to overwrite it.
    do this by tapping wallpaper.png and tap "modify" you should now be able to change the name to something like wallpaper.png1 i dont care. hit done

    11. you are now back in the folder, change your designated wallpaper to wallpaper.png. Example: change swim.jpg to wallpaper.png via tapping modify and hit done.

    12. close mobile finder. restart your ipod and and restart springboard if you need to.
    13. enjoy. any questions im or whatever

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