Google Sync won't sync all calendar events?

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    [solved] Google Sync won't sync all calendar events?

    About a month ago I set up my iPod touch to sync with the Google Calendar via Exchange. Back then that worked fine and I got all my events synced to the iPod.
    Today I wanted to sync the iPod again and it only synced five events (two this week and three two weeks ago), all the other events are missing. I searched the settings and turned the sync option to "All events" but that wouldn't help either.

    Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance

    Edit Got that one solved by myself:
    I use Thunderbird/Lightning as calendar app on my pc and export the calendar to .ics in order to import it in Google Calendar before syncing to the iPod (a bit unhandy, but I prefer Lightning and don't need two-way sync). For doing that I delete all events from the Google Calendar and then import the current .ics file. I did not sync the iPod between clearing the Google Calendar and importing the .ics. Doing it again with a sync in between, I did not experience the problem described above, so the whole procedure should look like this:
    1. Delete Google Calendar
    2. Sync iPod (turning Wifi on, launching the Calendar app and wait until refreshed)
    3. Import .ics
    3. Sync again

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