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    I've searched high and low, and haven't found a post on how to add the Google Bookmarks applet to Safari, so I played around and figured it out my self.

    If you wanna do it your self, open a web browser on your desktop (I used Firefox), and...

    (1) go to .

    (2) Go to the bottom where it says "Bookmark pages more easily. Drag this bookmarklet to the Links area of your browser" and right click on the button that follows, to copy the link.

    (3) Then paste the Java script into an email document and send it to an email account that is accessible from your Touch/iPhone.

    (4) Next, (with firmware 3.x) on your iPod/iPhone, copy the script from the received email.

    (5) Create a new bookmark in mobile Safari (any page will do, you're gonna edit all the info anyway).

    (6) Go into your Safari bookmarks and edit the one you just added. Replace the title with whatever you prefer to name it, and paste the Java script from the clipboard to the address field and tap "Done"

    When ya finish, go to a web page you wanna add to Google Bookmarks and then hit the bookmarks button in Safari, select the title of the applet (whatever ya named it), and the Google Bookmarks Add page will open with the correct information for the page you wanna bookmark, type the label ya wanna add it to and hit "add bookmark." To view your bookmarks, go back to ... Simple, right?

    If ya wanna skip the desktop part, just copy and paste the following script (If you think it's ok to trust code a total stranger has posted)(and change the little sad face in the code to the proper keyboard equivalent)


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