good reader to laptop sync using folder method

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    3G iPod touch

    I need help in setting up connection between good reader on itouch and my laptop windows vista.

    i'm able to connect using one method of web browser, but by that way i cant remove or upload multiple files at once..

    so i want to setup by second method so i can see them in window like in my computer.

    in mobile finder, it was accessible simply by entering ftp://192.***.*.*:****

    In good reader, they told to try map drive method, i followed steps mentioned below.

    but when it asks to enter address, as told my good reader, i enter http://ip:8080, ut's saying wrong folder, choose another.

    so i tried similar ip and port with ftp[which was working for mobilefinder] which isnt even working..

    i hope someone will find solution..
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    Plz help.
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    hey, via ssh, unable to copy in chmmate and isilo..
    with ichm, good reader it works..

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