Good, $.99 iPad Games?

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    I picked up an iTunes Card this afternoon to grab a few games. I had planned on going with Modern Combat:Sandstorm HD, Dungeon Hunter HD, Underworlds Ultimate, and Hero of Sparta HD.

    Unfortunately, HoSHD is no longer on sale for $.99, so I'm left with the option of either waiting for it to go on sale again (maybe soon?) or finding something else for a buck.

    Anyone have some recommendations? I'm not really looking for iPhone games, as I have piles of them already, and prefer to use the iPad's screen size.

    I'm not really into puzzles or flash-type games. Anything else would be good though.

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    Edit: Also no Tower Defense games. I have no less than 15 of them for iPhone through Free App a Day, and I don't need or want any more.

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