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Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X Jailbreak' started by mooshoepork, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I have tried to jailbreak my ipod on multiple PCs, and have just found the solution to this problem.

    At least, this was the problem for me.

    Make sure you close all itunes/apple related processes! You may think you have, but you really haven't if you are running vista, as it hides a lot of them.

    On XP it doesn't do this. That's when I realised that was probably my mistake.

    On vista, make sure you click "show processes from all users" in task manager, and end everything relating to apple.

    I have just successfully jailbroken my ipod touch using this method.
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    I take it this didn't help anyone? Jee, I thought that was the problem. Worked for me.

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