Getting back to your stop point without using the chapter breaks for Audible books.

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    In regards to Audible books.
    When looking at the cover art page for your book on the itouch and with the screen held vertically, touch the screen once and drop down control bar will appear at the top of the screen. This will allow you to select where in the chapter you start. It also has the time stamp so you can switch between devices and start up at the exact spot you stopped. This function also allows you to rewind and fast forward. Oddly enough this function will not work in the chapter list menu nor will it work in the panoramic/horizontal view. (I assume you also know that a quick double tap to the only button will bring up the volume control and the pause button. It will not let you rewind as if you are using a modern peace of electronics but rather you get to skip to the next arbitrary chapter point. At any rate you can stop and adjust the volume quickly.) Best of luck

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