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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jcbarman, Apr 4, 2008.

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    I have this problem right now but i manage to get my music back.
    1. Download CUTEftp (is a software that connects you pc with your ipod and you can see al archives and others stuff.) I`m not going to teach you how it works but you can find tutorials on how to use it on google or here on the forums, specially when trying to put roms on the ipod).
    2. go to the itunes_controls (or something like that) on your media folder (of the ipod of course) you will see 13 folders with an "F" as a starting name. Theres your music. Don`t worry about the file name.
    3. Select every mp3 file that you can find in there and download to a folder on your desktop or where ever you what to put it.
    4. make sure that every file is working, the delete the files from the ipod. making sure you only delete the mp3 files.
    5. add all the mp3s to itunes on you pc the sync your ipod. and thats it.

    I`m doing it right now and so far is working.
    Ps Be careful because in every "f" folder the mp3s are name equally Ex, in "f00" there a file name aaei.mp3 and in "f01" theres a file with the same name
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