Get the Nuforce Again?

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    So the right bud of my Nuforce NE-7s just died so now I need some new headphones. I was quite happy with them, but I want to check if there's a better option before spending $50 on another pair.

    Type (In ear/Ear bud/Circumaural/Supra-aural): In ear
    Budget: $40-65
    Musical preference (What do you listen to?): Rock, Reggae, Jazz(well not really, but some of my music has the same type of sounds and I don't know how else to describe it)
    Headphones preference (Quite bassy, detailed, warm, bright, forward mids etc...): Balanced?

    Also can someone tell me the difference between the NE-8 and NE-8. Is it just the looks because they give the same specs for both.
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    NE-7 & NE-8?
    But Ne-8 is better sound-wise and doesn't have a mic
    and if by specs you mean frequency response, that doesnt make any difference at all

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