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    Graphical prowess kindly provided by Manic Nimrod

    These are the giveaways that the entire forum population can participate in. If you claim a code, remember to send a private message to the moderators and post in this thread so that the code/link can be edited out of this post and clean up can begin.

    Be sure to stick around in the unofficial iPod touch Fans IRC over at #ipodtouchfans on Freenode for added bonuses, hints, codes, and giveaways. Here's a thread on IRC usage. Please see the Happy Halloween announcement thread for more details.

    Also, if you are a team member, we kindly ask that you do not participate in these 'trials,' but rather focus on your team prizes.

    • myHUD
    • Frenzic
    • Convertbot
    • Weightbot
    • Evade
    • Darkness
    • Wallet Whiz
    • SchoolKit Beta
    • My Basket
    • Twitter Extravaganza: Tweetie 2, Twitterrific, and Brizzly Invites
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